Common malpractice injuries

Claims to surgical error

Surgical error gives rise to a specific case where the responsibility is on the performing physician With this particular case of medical malpractice, responsibility for medical surgical error is applied when the operation, though not on purpose, does harm to the physical well being of the patient. For the existence of liability it is necessary,30

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Damage prostheses defective or infected

Damages prosthesis defective or infected – With the term prosthesis we mean all artificial devices which have the purpose of replacing any missing parts of the human body, or used to integrate damaged parts. The production of prostheses can be either in series, as in the case of heart valves, or customized made in the30

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Compensation for orthopaedic injury

Orthopaedic damages – The red card for serious injury caused by medical errors goes to orthopaedics, which, along with traumatology has an average of 16.5% of   the 90 daily cases. Very often the cause can be found to be the   frantic work schedules, and the the most serious risk for the patient is30

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Compensation for oncological injury

Oncological injury – We are talking about 90 deaths per day attributable to medical errors and oncology, among other specialist departments guilty of harming their patients, they are responsible for13% of these errors, preceded only by the orthopaedics department. This is according to the view of experts who have promised to organise a conference in30

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Injury due to osteomyelitis malpractice

Claim: damages due to osteomyelitis medical malpractice – Osteomyelitis is an osteoarticular infection which my have various degrees of severity and, is generally, as a result of a severe fracture, the transmission of blood or a due to medical error. Injury due to osteomyelitis malpractice Very often, and especially in recent years, this disease was30

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Compensation for damages as a result of facial nerve paralysis

Facial nerve paralysis damages – Facial nerve paralysis is a condition which affects one side of the face and more than 75% of patients make a complete recovery. The most frequent cause to facial paralysis is due to the presence of Herpes Simplex virus in patients, this is the same virus which causes extremely annoying30

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